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Celine Bags Boston Leather Black Purple Snake Luxury Sale

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Celine outlet italy 200 A new era in smartphone design The Apple iPhone completely revolutionised smartphones ten years ago in 2007.

While the last ten years have seen screens getting bigger and phones getting much more powerful, smartphone design hasn't evolved much. Until now that is. Starting with the Xiaomi Mi Mix last year, smartphone design is undergoing a fundamental shift with near bezel less designs taking us one step closer to a future where a smartphone is nothing more than a pane of glass. Leading the charge are the LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8. Both smartphones look extremely futuristic with their edge to edge displays and bezel less designs and represent the bleeding edge in smartphone development. Also Read: Samsung Galaxy S8's new home button is its most innovative feature Both smartphones are also extremely important to their companies. The LG G6 comes after the resounding failure of phantom bag celine the LG G5 to set market charts on fire and the S8 has on its shoulders the responsibility to restore Samsung's reputation after the Galaxy Note 7 debacle. While the S8 is getting all the plaudits from critics and fans alike, can the LG G6 give Samsung's 'redemption' device a run for its money The future is here, nowThe LG G6 is the most well rounded smartphone the company has ever made. After the critical backlash received by the G5, LG has completely re imagined the G6 from the ground up. Gone is the removable battery, the incredibly gimmicky modular design, the tacky plastic finish on the back panel (which rendered the metal back celine outlet italy 325 moot) and in its place is a gorgeous glass and metal spectacle that looks absolutely incredible. Inspirations from the LG V20 can be seen here and there, especially in the back panel. Unlike Samsung's dual curved screen, LG has bucked the trend for curved displays and has gone for a complete flat approach that lends the G6 an almost industrial like appearance. After the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco last year, Samsung knew it had celine outlet stores california go all out with the Galaxy S8. The smartphone many hailed as the turning point in the Android iPhone war became the subject of one of the biggest PR crisis the company has faced since its inception. All over the world, users started reporting instances of the Galaxy Note 7's battery exploding which led to widespread recalls and even a ban on using the device in flight. Atleast on the design front, the S8 does not disappoint. The Galaxy S8 marries the Xiaomi Mi Mix's bezel less display with the Galaxy Note 7's dual curved design which results in a smartphone that undoubtedly looks incredibly striking. Both smartphones are in many ways a celine mini black bag reflection of the future. Both look exquisite, have stellar specifications and come with gorgeous displays Unlike the Galaxy S6 and S7, which gave users the option of a flat design and a curved display with the regular and Edge models respectively, this time Samsung has ditched the flat design entirely. Curves are definitely the way forward for Samsung's design ethos as both the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus feature curved displays, with the only difference between the two being screen size (5.8 vs 6.2inches) and battery size (3,00mAh vs 3,500mAh). The curved edges on the front and back, the near seamless edge to edge display, the absence of any physical buttons on front lend themselves to a design that looks incredibly exquisite and shockingly futuristic. Take a look at Samsung's PR speak "Elements that felt needlessly mechanical have been eliminated to only focus on the essence of the device itself, which resulted in a design that merges the user and device as one." The Galaxy S8's design does come with one big drawback though. Samsung has relocated the fingerprint sensor in order to accommodate the 'Infinity' display and pressure sensitive home button. Instead of placing the fingerprint sensor below the camera lens (in the middle of the back panel), Samsung has decided to place it right next to the rear camera on the right hand side. Not only is it difficult to locate blindly, its proximity to the camera lens will surely lead to a lot of smudges and fingerprints on the camera lens over time. There's no denying it. Both smartphones look absolutely sublime and choosing between the two will come solely down to personal tastes. It is very hard to explicitly state that one's design is superior to the other without letting biases and preferences get in the way. While it is an extremely close fight, for me the LG G6 edges out the Galaxy S8 solely on the virtue of having a sleek, industrial flat design. I have never been a big fan of curved designs and feel they are a bit too fragile and a case of form over function. Bonus points must be given to Samsung though for having the cohones to ditch their logo from the front of the Galaxy S8. Two cameras or oneWhen it comes to cameras, choosing between the two is a tricky proposition. On paper, the LG G6's dual rear cameras (13 MP each) seem more lucrative than Galaxy S8's single 12MP 'Dual Pixel' rear camera. While we are yet to experience the LG G6's camera, If the cameras on the LG V20 and G5 are anything to go by, we are sure the G6's dual camera setup will not disappoint. But things are not as simple as they appear. Yes, it is true that there is not much of a difference between the Galaxy S8 and S7's rear camera. But the fact remains that the S7 had celine large trio bag price and still has one of the best cameras ever to grace an Android smartphone. Add to that the fact that the S8 comes with a few software tweaks that the company claims improve photo quality and the S8's camera suddenly starts looking very enticing. However, there can be no denying that Samsung has fallen behind the pack when it comes to equipping their smartphones with dual cameras, especially when their primary competitor (read iPhone) adopted it way back in October 2016. An exacting verdict will have to wait till we get our hands on both devices and test them comprehensively. Till then, the G6 inches ahead on pure technical terms. Moving beyond specificationsBoth these smartphones are not really about specifications or having the most amount of RAM. Both aim to differentiate themselves from the pack of 'me too' Androids out there on the virtue of their design prowess. That doesn't mean they are lacking in the hardware department though. As with almost all flagships out there, both come with top of the line specifications. Where the Galaxy S8 edges out the LG G6 is in terms of the processor inside. LG on the other hand has eschewed the 835 in favour of the slightly older Snapdragon 821 because of SD 835 supply issues and to get the first mover advantage over the S8. Thus on paper, the Galaxy S8 wins this round. But the LG G6 strikes back when it comes to the battery with a 3,300mAh unit compared to the 3,000mAh power pack found on the Galaxy S8. While an increase of 300 mAh may not sound like much, every single mAh counts when the batteries are powering such enormous displays (5.7 inch for the G6 and 5.8 inch for the S8). It must be noted though that the S8 Plus has the largest battery of the three, at 3,500mAh. Both smartphones are extremely important to their companies. The LG G6 comes after the resounding failure of the LG G5 and the S8 has on its shoulders the responsibility to restore Samsung's reputation after the Galaxy Note 7 debacle However, we all know that hardware is not everything when it comes to defining a smartphone's performance. The iPhone is the best example of how optimised software negates the need for crazy specifications.

As there is no way of knowing true performance levels without actually using the devices, a full verdict will have to wait till we review both smartphones. But purely in terms of specifications, the S8 wins. .

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