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Celine outlet woodbury animal shelter Accusations and threats fly over outback power deal InDaily can reveal that the Coober Pedy councillors who moved and seconded a crucial vote on a controversial power deal for the town were office holders in an organisation that negotiated a $10,000 annual grant from the company that was awarded the 20 year deal.

A Coober Pedy residents' association wants every councillor who voted at that meeting to resign, but the councillors in question deny any conflict. They say they didn't want to support the deal, and only did so because they had advice from their administration that the State Government had threatened to withdraw energy subsidies from the town unless they signed on to the agreement. The State Government has strongly denied that it made any such threat. Documents obtained celine outlet woodbury area by InDaily show the Coober Pedy Miners Association negotiated celine trio large black an annual $10,000 grant from Energy Developments Ltd (EDL) for two industry events held by the town each year the Coober Pedy Gem Trade Show and the Coober Pedy Opal Festival. That deal was concluded in April 2015 in celine handbag cost the midst of negotiations between EDL, the council and the Department of State Development (DSD), but well before the council signed off on a 20 year deal for EDL to supply power to the town via a hybrid renewable system. InDaily has previously reported evidence that the council had deep concerns about the deal, celine tie bag black but agreed to support the arrangement in principle at a confidential meeting in January 2016. Minutes of that meeting show that the motion to accept the deal which was successful was moved by miners association committee member Boro Rapaic and seconded by the group's president Paul Reynolds. Reynolds is also on the management committee of the gem show. DSD, which has been a strong supporter of the EDL deal, is listed as a "gold sponsor" on the show's website. InDaily has seen correspondence between EDL and Reynolds from April 2015 in which the sponsorship arrangement is detailed. The letter, from EDL's Keith Barker to Reynolds and then miners' association vice president John Dunstan, says that EDL believes the two events the trade show and the opal festival "provide benefit to the Coober Pedy community as a whole". Therefore, the company reasoned, it would be prepared to provide $10,000, split between the events, each year for as long as EDL operates the power station in Coober Pedy. The head of the Coober Pedy Concerned Residents Group, George Naumovic, told InDaily that he believed all councillors present at the January 19 meeting should stand down. He said the miners association clearly benefits from the EDL sponsorship. "I really don't see any excuse as to why they were voting on this issue, especially on celine outlet woodbury zip ny something of this magnitude," he said. "There were only four out of seven councillors in that room when this was voted on and two of them shouldn't have been there. If they had have declared a conflict, a quorum could not have been obtained and none of this would be happening now." Rapaic and Reynolds both strongly denied any conflict of interest when approached by InDaily. Rapaic insists he only moved the motion in January 2016 because of fears that the State Government would withdraw energy subsidies from the town, that EDL would sue the council and that federal funding of $18 million from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) would be withdrawn from the project. He said the then council CEO, Tony Renshaw, had failed to provide the council with a report written by consultant engineer Graham Davies which detailed deep concerns about the cost of the EDL project, and risks to the council over the deal's 20 year run. Rapaic said the sponsorship arrangement did not benefit the miners association specifically, but was to support the entire community of Coober Pedy. "It's ridiculous even to think about something like that," he said in response to questions about a conflict of interest. Rapaic said he is strongly opposed to the deal because the council had been "misled" by the state and federal governments and EDL about the benefits of the project. "They did not give us all the necessary information that they had before we made the decision on the PPA with them," he said. He said the outback town of Marree had gone to tender on a much smaller renewable energy project, and questioned why that process wasn't followed in Coober Pedy. Reynolds, who wasn't on the council when the sponsorship deal was finalised, also dismissed any suggestion of a conflict, saying the sponsorship of the two events did not benefit him personally. He said he had never sold opals at the gem show. "It's a community event I get nothing out of that," he said. He echoed Rapaic's claim that the council had not been shown the critical analysis provided by Davies, and that the council felt it had no choice but to agree to the deal.

He said that a further factor in his decision was his belief that the State Government had threatened to withdraw energy subsidies. He had also been assured by then council CEO Renshaw that the deal with the government would ensure prices would not increase over its term an assurance he now doubted. .

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